D'Anne's family has practiced Law in the area for over 100 years.  You or your parents may have known her father Stephen A. Durkee as a trusted attorney and friend, and their parents may have been represented by his father-in-law Lucian Dawson, both of whom had strong reputations among their clients and their peers.  Continuing in their footsteps, D'Anne and Richard were the first attorneys in Clermont County to be named the Cincinnati Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers of the Year for their service to the community's needy.   The Uhle family pride themselves on their service to others, and look forward to helping YOU.

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D'Anne Uhle       (Dee Dee)

Over 30 years of experience, D'Anne is an expert in: 

  • Senior Transition Issues, Probate, Guardianships
  • Real Estate, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Title examinations etc.

Familiar with Dementia and Alzhimers issues, Medicare and Medicaid

Over 100 Years of service to the people of Clermont County

Richard B. Uhle Jr.    (Rich)

"I have a commitment to enlightened but aggressive dispute resolution."

       Over 30 years experience, specializes in family law, business litigation and consulting on a wide range of legal issues. 

"He'll fight you in the Courthouse or the Barnyard"  -One of our favorite clients after the successful defense of her donkeys in a rural zoning case.


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